WHAT is new at ICAP?

New Partnerships Kenya:

  1. ICAP is partnering with Youth Interactive Portal for Enterprise (YIPE) Kenya, yipe.org 
    on youth empowerment programs in Kenya as part of ICAP poverty alleviation  
    programs and strategies

    Contact person:
    Fiona Mati
    E-mail: fmati@gmail.com

  2. We are proud to announce that Beverly Hawk PhD, Director Crossroads Community Center, University of Alabama, will be a resource person for this youth initiative which will include skills building (see Beverly Hawk ‘s Bio)

  3. ICAP is also partnering with the Bigger Picture Company and Media Action for Peace  
    Kenya, to promote awareness on poverty. These agencies have the capacity to  
    implement information, education and communications programs including production  
    international quality documentaries.

    Contact person: Lee Kanyare-Kaguongo
    E-mail: bigger_pix@yahoo.com

Poverty Watch

Global issues, Reports and videos


Poverty This Is Our Water

by Lee Kanyare Kaguongo (videos)

Kaokoland in Northern Namibia is extremely dry.Some NGOs and UN Agencies have started water projects which have failed due to lack of sense of ownership by the local Ovahimba tribes people.Any project not supported by the local grassroots communities is doomed to fail and fail miserably!

This is our water produced by Lee Kanyare Kaguongo, Bigger Picture Company Ltd. 


Poverty Status Report Kenya
Status report Kenya by David Kimani (Project Officer ICAP, Africa)

coming soon...



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Raising Funds to Alleviate Poverty in Kenya

Ann Kariuki with the chief guest, State Senator Andrew Dinniman ,Pennsylvania at a fundraising dinner by The International Food Health Organization.

Ann Kariuki with the key note speaker , Prof. Micere Mugo of Syracuse University, New York at the fundraising dinner.